Žužemberk to Spend 370 Thousand Euros for the Motorway Development

This money will be spent of the improvement of a 450-metre section of the local Dvor – Brezova Reber – Prečna road from the village of Dvor to the village of Mačkovec pri Dvoru and further towards the Sadinja Vas settlement. A sanitary sewage network will be built along with the repair of the road.

With the expansion of the highway, support structures will also be installed and street lighting will be implemented. It is planned that with its improvement, the safety of local traffic will increase, traffic will grow and maintenance will improve.

As the Mayor of Žužemberk Franc Škufca states, the current worn and loaded road, connecting the valley of the Krka River and the village of Dvor with the Ajdovska Planota natural reserve, is too narrow and not equipped with a water disposal system. The road surface is in unsatisfactory condition, and roadside areas are overgrown with grass.

Out of 370 thousand euros spent for repairs, more than 50% of the funds will be provided by the state under the municipalities funding law. The work is planned to be completed before the summer of 2018.

Source: rtvslo.si